1. School and careers:

Allow and encourage your child to plan for there dreams for the future career .Be supportive and provide besic tools is a sign of good parenting .

2 .Social media and online safety :

social media is widespread world-wide ,it’s important that your child knows how to maintain online safety any to communicate to you if experience cyber crime .

3.Mental Health :

Teenage ages are very tough to every person ,does why you need to talk to them about mental health and provide supportive household environment and love .

4.Financial responsibility :

encourage your child how to manage the little money they have .show them how hard it is to get that money .

5. Household responsibility :

Teach them how to gradually participate and learn basic household responsibility .

6.Introspection and self awareness :

Bigest aachievement is be able to connect with your inner selves .Teach them to know who they are as a person .

7.Kindness and love :

Teach them how to become someone who is able to drive themselves through power of love .

8. Stand for their rights :

Dont allow your child to submit to wrong .Give them enough confidence to voice out and fight against what is wrong or harmful .

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